News from Lake Hiawatha

Meeting Highlights

May 10, 2022

Highlights from our meeting:

Increase in Dues: 
Our dues are now $100.00
It has been a while since the last increase, but as with everything else, our costs have risen. Plus,  we will be adding an extra treatment to the lake, making it 3 treatments and have ordered badly needed new picnic tables at the beach.

 Permits for the lake:
 Every so many years ( and we never know) there is a permitting process that will cost around $10k.  LHA is responsible for this process to ensure deweeding treatments can be done and that Mass Boating laws are followed etc. Hence, we must always be prepared for that cost. 

Deweeding treatments 
Previously the treatments were $6,000. This year it will be around $7,000 but we are going to get 3 treatments rather than 2.

Looking into whether or not we must carry additional Insurance. Insurance is very expensive so looking for options.
Propane motors:
Allowing/ not allowing propane motors on the lake was discussed. Even though they are nontoxic there is a noise factor and mass boating law guidelines as to horsepower is a concern. 

Fishing from Boat Ramp is allowed but take caution in that area. Fishing from the beach is NOT allowed due to safety concerns with swimmers, especially little ones. We understand this is not an ideal situation, and have tried over the years to find a better way for people who want to fish and do not have a direct waterfront. We will continue to research this.

 Next Board meeting will be May 31st at  5:30 at the beach.

All are welcome to attend.