July/August 2022 Newsletter

REMINDER: The second lake treatment will take place on Monday afternoon, July 25th. The lake cannot be used from the time that the Lake and Pond Connection arrives, until Tuesday morning. The company will post signage around the lake. Please pay attention to those signs in terms of irrigation, drinking restrictions, etc. There will be a third treatment in late August or early September.

Now that the boat ramp is up and running, and, the surrounding area has been

cleared, we have voted to allow fishing at the end of Marcel Lane. Please be respectful of neighbors in the area, those launching boats, other people fishing, and wildlife in the area when fishing. When done fishing, please be sure to remove all lines, bobbers and lead weights from both the lake and the entire fishing area. These items can be injurious or lethal to wildlife and humans!

Remember, there is NO FISHING ALLOWED at the beach. Now that we have designated a fishing area, there is no reason why people should be fishing from the beach. We are investing in signs that will make this abundantly clear, and that will direct people to the boat ramp.  Without getting into any altercations, please point the signs out to anyone you see fishing at the beach or bring the situation to the attention of a warden (or send an email to the LHA).  Fishing at the beach is very dangerous, particularly when hooks, lines, etc. are left behind. For those who live near the beach and fish from their yards, please be aware when casting that the wind and current can carry you lines over to the beach. We ask that you cast far enough from the beach to prevent injuries to swimmers.

We encourage members to be present at the beach or on the lake with guests.

When this is not possible, please make sure that your guests tell wardens your name and address when visiting lake properties.

Hope everyone continues to enjoy a safe and happy summer. Too bad the season is so fleeting. Make the most of it!

Thank you for your cooperation,


Our Lake Wardens are:

                  George Leal    508-530-8211                      

                  Dave Buettner  508- 889- 1504

                  Pam Leal 508-736-7938                             

                  Gavin Sherman  617-265-2254

                This is a volunteer position so please be patient if you need to get in touch with one of them.


Thank you,

The Lake Hiawatha Association...

Larry Sposato- President

Alison Ferrone- Vice President

Mark Pouliot-- Treasurer

Tabitha Willey- Secretary

Please Note: The LHA is run by volunteers. Please be patient with any issues or concerns. We try to address them all as quickly as we can.

Lake Hiawatha Association

Highlights of our Meeting on June 23, 2022 Meeting


The first treatment was done in June and the second of three treatments will be done in July. No date has been set as of yet but we will send an email as soon as we get it. Remember, please refrain from using the lake for swimming, boating and fishing for 24 hours.

Boat Stickers:

Boat stickers are being distributed however, we are currently out. Larry is ordering more stickers and will let you know when they are in.

Fishing for People who live off the Lake:

The area off Marcel Lane, the boat ramp, has been cleared out and more clearing is planned. Right now, it seems this is the safest and most accessible area, for people to fish at who do not live on the water. We realize it is not ideal. But for now, it is our only option.
Please do not block the entrance so people are able to get in and out easily.

Also, please clean up any lures, fishing line, etc so that no one gets hurt.

Lake Treatment:

We have not received a report as of yet, but will let you know when it comes in from the deweeding company.


Our Lake Wardens are:

George Leal    508-530-8211 Dave Buettner  508- 889- 1504

Pam Leal 508-736-7938 Gavin Sherman  617-265-2254

This is a volunteer position so please be patient if you need to get in touch with one of them.

Membership Cards:

As suggested by our members, we are in the process of creating LHA Membership Cards. They will be available soon and will let you know how to get your card.. We will issue one per household. You should keep this card on you when you are on the lake, especially at the beach.

If a family member is going to use the beach area, we encourage you to be with them as you are actually the person that owns the membership. If you cannot be with them, then they should have your membership card with them. This is the only way we can monitor this area. We have been receiving many complaints about people who do not live here and are using our beach. Hopefully this will cut down on interlopers.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting is Thursday, July 21, 2022 at 5:30 at the beach.

All are welcome to attend.

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LHA Meeting

May 31, 2022


Memberships are coming in. Thank you to all who have paid the 2022 dues.

We are still accepting membership dues of $100.00

Drop of in the LHA mailbox at 51 Lakeshore Drive, Bellingham


Send to Larry Sposato 337Lakeshore Drive, Bellingham

Boat Stickers:

Volunteers will begin issuing stickers shortly. Please be patient as we organize the distribution of them.

Lake treatment

First Lake treatment will be JUNE 7th

2nd Lake Treatment in early July 

Last treatment in early August

Please watch for posted signs. Refrain from using the lake for swimming, boating, or fishing for 24 hours.

Porta Potty at the Beach

Due to a shortage of handicap accessible one, we will get a standard one until a handicap accessible one becomes available

Lake Wardens

We do have a number of Lake Wardens who monitor the beach and boating. Please understand that they are volunteering their time. If you have issues, please be patient.

Call or Text:

George Leal 508-530-8211

Dave Buettner 508-889-1504

Pam Leal 508-736-7938

Nancy Davidson 508-612-6932

Mark Pouliot 774-292-0358


  • There is NO entry way for boats/kayaks on Bernier Lane
  • Footage from personal property into lake is 15ft
  • Still looking for a safe spot for people to fish

Next Meeting June 23 5:30

News from Lake Hiawatha

Meeting Highlights

May 10, 2022

Highlights from our meeting:

Increase in Dues: 
Our dues are now $100.00
It has been a while since the last increase, but as with everything else, our costs have risen. Plus,  we will be adding an extra treatment to the lake, making it 3 treatments and have ordered badly needed new picnic tables at the beach.

 Permits for the lake:
 Every so many years ( and we never know) there is a permitting process that will cost around $10k.  LHA is responsible for this process to ensure deweeding treatments can be done and that Mass Boating laws are followed etc. Hence, we must always be prepared for that cost. 

Deweeding treatments 
Previously the treatments were $6,000. This year it will be around $7,000 but we are going to get 3 treatments rather than 2.

Looking into whether or not we must carry additional Insurance. Insurance is very expensive so looking for options.
Propane motors:
Allowing/ not allowing propane motors on the lake was discussed. Even though they are nontoxic there is a noise factor and mass boating law guidelines as to horsepower is a concern. 

Fishing from Boat Ramp is allowed but take caution in that area. Fishing from the beach is NOT allowed due to safety concerns with swimmers, especially little ones. We understand this is not an ideal situation, and have tried over the years to find a better way for people who want to fish and do not have a direct waterfront. We will continue to research this.

 Next Board meeting will be May 31st at  5:30 at the beach.

All are welcome to attend.