Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

Lake Hiawatha Meeting

August 24, 2023

Lisa Parker

Larry Sposato

Kim O’Neal

Betsy Budzinski

Pam and George

Cory Denault


Loreto &Monilino Galante

Sue Daigle

Mike Nally

Bill Clinton (Think Energy)



Treasure Report

$22,392.06  Ending balance as of last meeting

$700.00       Total deposits

$545.00       Heavy Press Graphics (signs and stickers) 7/21/23

$100.00       Bellingham Handyman service (sign installation) 7/26/23

$175.00       ADC Septic (Porta Potty) 8/23/23

$93.50         Alternative Printing 8/24/23

$22,178.56  Ending balance


140 total members as of 8/24/23

Old Business

·   Meeting minutes were accepted from July and August

·   Treasures report was accepted for August.

·   “No Fishing” signs have been put in place. Signs look great and nobody has been seen fishing from the beach or the dam.

·   Boat stickers- People are not asking for them, but many residents still have the 22 stickers on their boats. Regina states that she will continue to help pass them out if needed.

·   Dock specs- there is still no final decision on what the size of the docks can be. Hoping to put together a panel that will work diligently over the winter to get this information ready for next season.

·   Sale of land on Lakeshore and Pelletier, no one has reach out wanted to buy the land.


New Business

·   Beach repair- beach was damaged due to heavy rain. Looking for a new beach maintenance company. Tyler Bish sold his landscaping company, who was handling the beach maintenance.

·   Weeds look great.

·   The water looks clear.

·   Thinking of having a lake cookout possibly the 2nd meeting of 2024


Next meeting September 21st at 6PM

Guest speaker from Think Energy

·   Bill Clinton- Bellingham Electrical Inspector

·   Bill states that the price for National Grid right now is about .34 cents kwh. (I did attach their current prices on their website, it says 14.115 cents until October 31st, but as we can see and remember the price went over 30 cents last winter.

·   Bill states that you can lock into Think Energy for 16 cents per kwh for the next 3 years with no contract or cancellation fee.

·   They also give an incentive to have other people sign up.

1. 3 people you get 10% off supplier fee.

2. 10 people get 40% off supplier fee.

3. 20 people get 100% off supplier fee, capped at $2,000 (this will be sent back to you via a rebate check)

·   Contact information:

Bill Clinton

774 291-2196 (text, he will call back)


I have also attached a few other prices for different companies. Look at your bills and see what you are being charged. You can do a google search and see what the going rates are. Make sure you look at the contract to see how long the price is good for and if there is a cancellation fee. Many companies will let you call up and get a lower price if there is one after you sign up.