Lake Hiawatha

Bellingham/Blackstone  Massachusetts

Boating Laws

Safety First!

We hope all residents that use any type of watercraft become familiar with the Massachusetts Boating Laws. It is for your safety and the safety of others.

Please find a copy of the Massachusetts Environmental Police ... Boat Massachusetts:
Your Guide to Boating Laws and Responsibilities. (Note: This is a PDF version)..
Click the picture for the link!!!


Although we should become familiar with All of the laws and responsibilities, the LHA recommends you become familiar with following pages:

You may also review a summary of the Boating Laws Here:

Massachusetts Boating Laws Summary



Page 4: Vessel Length Classes


Page 24: Other Boating Emergencies (Falling Overboard/ Capsizing)


                                           Pages 34- 42: It's the Law! Before Going Out


                                           Pages 62-63 Requirements Specific to PWC's, Sharing Your PWC ... Safely!