Lake Hiawatha

Bellingham/Blackstone  Massachusetts


Next Meeting:

The first Lake Meeting will be held in the spring of 2024, usually in April or May.

Enjoy the winter season on the lake. It is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer.


Membership  / Dues Information:

Becoming a member of Lake Hiawatha allows you to use the beach for swimming and access to the boat launch off Marcel Lane. 

The LHA Annual Dues for 2023 are $100.00.

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Welcome to Lake Hiawatha

Lake Hiawatha is a  PRIVATE  lake (less than 70 acres)  that surrounds part of Bellingham and part of Blackstone, MA.

 This quiet lake is privately owned. The residents who live on the waterfront have direct access to the lake and the residents who do not live on the water have access from the beach area on Lakeshore Drive and the boat launch on Marcel Lane. Here, all residents can enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons, the vibrant wildlife and the serenity that only lake living can deliver.

Access to fishing, boating, swimming, skating, and more are available.
(There are no gas powered motors of any kind on this lake, making it one of the cleanest  and environmentally friendly lakes in the state !)  Fishing is on a catch and release basis so that our fish population remains healthy and continues to thrive. This lake is home to many beautiful wildlife including swans, ducks, blue herrings and more. 

The Lake Hiawatha Association is run by volunteers who help to make the lake safe and enjoyable for all residents. Membership is $100.00 per year. This fee helps support the annual de-weeding of the lake, crucial to keeping our lake clean, annual and seasonal maintenance of the beach area well as other beautification and environmental friendly projects throughout the year. We encourage all residents to join.

The LHA meet monthly primarily during the months of April through October.
All members are welcome to attend. For more information, email us at or visit our Facebook 

Lake Hiawatha is truly a hidden gem in the
 Bellingham - Blackstone, MA area.