The 11th Annual Brockton Veterans BBQ and Shoot... 2015

For the past eleven years, the Augers of Pelleier Drive on Lake Hiawatha in Bellingham, have opened their lake home to the disabled Veterans from the Brockton Hospital. Started by the late Mick Emery and continuing today with the help of his wife, Liz,
this tradition lives on.

The Vets enjoy a day of relaxation, food and fun on the lake. Boating, fishing, and of course, eating is always a highlight.

The next week, they are off to the Bellingham Police firing range to pracice their marksmanship as well as another small cookout.

The Vets look forward to this day every year and we on the lake look forward to having them.

Thank you to the late Mick Emery, Denis Auger,  and the many volunteers who help make this day such a success.

Thank you to all Veterans for your service to our country.

God Bless and God Bless America
Brockton Veterans BBQ 2015