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Lake Hiawatha Association

2018 Annual Dues

Dear Resident:

Spring is finally here, we hope!!!!!

The Lake Hiawatha Association is now accepting your annual yearly dues payment of $75.00. Annual Dues go towards: Lake/Beach Maintenance, Required Permitting, Real Estate Taxes, etc.

Please fill out the form below and mail with your $75.00 dollar payment today!!!!

________________________________________ ________________________________________

Name Address

Phone: __________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________________________ (new? _______)

Amount Enclosed: _______________________ Check # ________________________________

Please let us know how many boats you will be using this year. _____________

Did you receive blue and yellow LHA boat stickers last year? ______________

If so, how many? _________

Please affix boat stickers to the right side of the bow; for kayaks, affix to the top of the bow.

Mail to: 

Lake Hiawatha Association Lake Hiawatha Association (LHA)

337 Lakeshore Drive @ 51 Lakeshore Drive

Bellingham, MA 02019


hand deliver to the mailbox labeled LHA 

@ 51 Lakeshore Drive Bellingham, Ma

Thank you for your support! Let’s keep Lake Hiawatha a treasured resource!

The Lake Hiawatha Association is a non-profit, all volunteer organization.