President - Laryy Sposato
Vice President - Alison Ferrone
Treasurer - Mark Pouliot
Secretary - Tabitha Willey
To Contact ANY of the above officers, send an email to: 


Board of Directors:

George Leal
 Pam Leal,
 Ray Shamas 
Nancy Davidson


Lake Wardens

Should you need to contact any one of the Wardens, please do so by calling or texting:

George Leal    508-530-8211
Dave  Buettner  508- 889- 1504
Pam Leal 508-736-7938
Nancy Davidson 508 612-6932
Mark Pouliot (Treasurer) 774-292-0358

Note: This is a voluntary position and lake wardens are NOT available on any particular schedule. Please be patient.